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About Best Golf in Surrey

Best Golf in Surrey is published by a small team of unbiased golfing enthusiasts in Surrey.

Unless otherwise stated, all descriptions published are the personal views of the team based on their experiences of playing the courses. Best Golf in Surrey cannot accept responsibility for consequential issues or losses arising from the use of this website. All information is published in good faith.
If a course turns out to be one which we would not recommend, it will not be featured on this site.

Where stated, we sometimes ask Clubs or Coaches to describe what they do best and what they believe their customers enjoy most. This is another way of establishing if they offer what you are looking for.

We are also keen to hear the views and experiences of you, our readers, and we shall publish as many as we can. Of course, please be polite and honest. Use our Contact Us page and please say whether you are happy to have a name published with your review. We shall never pass your details on to anyone else.


We are happy to take advertising on this website and all advertising published will be described as such and will be placed at our discretion.