Group Golf Lessons for Beginners in Surrey

New Year's resolutions often include promises to do more exercise, join the local gym or go on a diet. None of which on their own sound like much fun to us. But then they're not meant to be fun, they're a sort of punishment for your body for past misdemeanours. And in our experience are thus doomed to end in misery, defeat and disappointment!

A far more sensible plan for the new year is to take up something that is challenging, enjoyable, sociable and may also keep you fit into the bargain - learning to play golf.

The first thing to say is that age doesn't matter. It's almost impossible to be too young or too old. As long as you can move about fairly well, you've passed the first test and you're in!
As you will soon find, everyone's golf technique is different and the scary flexibility of a teenager's golf swing can still be matched by the wily experience of the senior's touch around the green. What your golf swing looks like inside and outside your head can be two entirely different matters, but if it feels right to you and does the job, that's what counts.

So what's the best way to get started? And what do you need in the way of equipment and clothing?

Let's begin by saying that it's worth getting the basics right from the start because if you begin by teaching yourself bad habits which make the game harder, then you have only yourself to blame and will give up golf claiming it to be darn nigh impossible.
And on the subject of equipment and clothing, don't go off and waste a cartload of cash on an expensive set of clubs, bag, electric trolley, Ian Poulter-style clothing and haircut and then feel an idiot when you keep missing the ball. Clue here - it's not the equipment!

In our view, the best way to start is to find the nearest course or driving range which does Group Golf Lessons for Beginners.
Why? Because:
a) You're all starting from more or less the same point so you can laugh and progress together
b) You can start with maybe just a glove and a seven iron and the organisers may even lend you one
c) It's an extremely inexpensive way of finding out if you enjoy the challenge
d) You'll almost certainly find it sociably enjoyable

So here, BestGolfinSurrey has looked at what's on offer when it comes to group lessons for beginners.

It's important to find somewhere convenient to you as you will go on to play with people you meet on these courses.

World of Golf - New Malden

A splendid two tier driving range, just off the A3, which offers free group lessons for beginners, while you pay for the balls you use.
Their courses comprise six one-hourly lessons over a period of six weeks and include free loan of a 7 iron. You just pay for balls.
Click here for more information and to book online.

Or call World of Golf on 020 8949 9200 and please mention BestGolfinSurrey when you book.

Topgolf, Addlestone
Topgolf offers both private golf lessons and group lessons with their PGA qualified coaches, perfect for beginners and advanced golfers alike. So whether you’d prefer to learn with a group of friends or on a one-to-one basis, be sure to swing by Topgolf for all your coaching needs.

Pachesham Golf Club - Leatherhead
If Leatherhead or Epsom is more your area, we recommend Pachesham. This is a nice friendly nine-hole course with extensive coaching facilities too.
Pachesham offer the 'Beginners Give it a Go' course which comprises four one-hour lessons which we understand used to cost £40 but are currently free of charge. With a maximum of 8 people per course they should give you a good grounding.
Again, equipment is provided but balls are to be paid for.
Call Pachesham on 01372 843453 and please mention BestGolfinSurrey when you call.


Hoebridge Golf Centre - Woking
Again, choose somewhere convenient for where you live - Hoebridge is at Old Woking.
Hoebridge offers complete beginners 4 x one-hour lessons to get you on the right path with the basics and then this leads on to 4 x improver lessons and then 4 x intermediate lessons.

Hoebridge is a great golf venue with three excellent completely different courses - an 18-hole Par 3, the 9-hole Shey Copse course and the 18-hole Hoebridge, plus a 36-bay floodlit driving range.

Call Hoebridge now in 01483 722611 to check starting dates for lessons. Please mention BestGolfinSurrey when you call.




Why group golf lessons are the best way for beginners to start out on their golfing trail.

And where to find the best!