Godstone Golf Club

General view of Godstone Golf Course

If you turn up at Godstone Golf Club without being told differently, you'd expect to park in a nice car park and unwind in a pleasant clubhouse before and after your round.
Instead you will park in a disused-looking parking area beside a large empty mansion house which has seen better days. (Built during the time of the American War of Independence when Britain succeeded in annoying the Americans in general and George Washington in particular.)
And to greet you is a starter's hut with DIY coffee and a few other bits and bobs.
But the good news is that's the end of the bad news!

Facing you is a rather nice nine-hole course sitting in a large gentle bowl of Surrey countryside. To play eighteen holes there are two alternative tees per hole which varies things quite a bit.

There are three lakes which add some colour to the proceedings and the general feel is of an un-crowded well-laid-out course.
When we've played there the whole course has been in good condition and it's hard to believe it's only in its 8th year!

We would recommend Godstone if you want nine or eighteen holes which are not too tricky in a very pleasant setting.

View of the 2nd fairway

  • One of the most attractive nine hole courses we've played


Contact Details:

Godstone Golf Club,
Streete Court,
Rooks Nest Park
Godstone Surrey. RH9 8BY

Tel: 01883 742333