Golf Lessons and Tuition

Golf Lessons and Tuition in Surrey

Golf is odd among sports in that many apparently sane people who have never picked up a golf club before, genuinely believe they can step onto the tee and play golf. Apart from one or two ridiculously talented youngsters who really can do it, the rest realise after half a dozen swishes and still nowhere near the first green, that all is not well. Then they either give up or get some lessons.

For beginners, often the best form of lessons are group lessons, where people learn the basics with others of similar inability and therefore no-one feels silly when it all goes wrong. Often, the price even includes the loan of a 7 iron, and a typical starter course would be six weekly lessons. The coach will help you understand the grip and why it feels all wrong. And why the ball goes up when you hit down on it. Usually there are intermediate courses to follow. Don't forget, group courses are generally held at a driving range and the cost of a bucket of balls comes as an extra. There are even one or two ranges where the group lessons are free and you just pay for the balls.
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For a more personal tuition, you can always book a lesson with a professional at a local club. A typical lesson is 30 minutes, because the amount of advice you can take in in one go is limited. After your lesson, you really need to go off and practice until at least some of it starts to happen without you having to think about it. If you book a course of say 6 lessons, you will usually get one free or similar. Lessons nowadays often include the pro videoing your swing and showing you it. This can be quite a shock, but if you can take it on the chin, it's a good way to learn.

A slightly more high-tech version of this is having a lesson on a golf simulator. This is often indoors (in the warm) and you can hit shots at a large soft screen which looks like a golf course of your choice. The simulator will display the trajectory of where your shot would have gone and again your coach will advise and probably video your swing so you can see where to improve.
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