Top Golf Addlestone

No, it's not a lunar landscape. It's Top Golf at Addlestone!

What BGIS says:

Now this is a different kettle of fish altogether! TopGolf must be golf's answer to tenpin bowling.

Once you have paid your money and collected your microchipped balls, you make your way to the tees. There are two levels of tees for you to choose from and laid out before you are a series of circular sunken targets at differing distances and directions.

Popping each ball through a reader next to the tee tells the system who you are and enables it to keep a score on the screen next to you. The nearer you get to the flag in the centre of each target, the more points you score. A game is twenty balls.

In the evenings, a heady mix of music, food, drink and lots of twenty-somethings is what greets you at Top Golf. During the daytime, things are more sedate.

We have to give credit to Top Golf for managing to create an atmosphere of fun around the sport of golf which  attracts so many people who look like they were on the way out to a night club and took a wrong turning somewhere!

But a good friendly atmosphere whenever we've been there and suitable for all ages.

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Contact Details:

Top Golf
Moated Farm Drive
New Haw Road
Addlestone, Surrey
KT15 2DW

Tel. 01932 858551